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La Cimbali S20 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

by Cimbali
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The fully automatic S20 can boast an impressive 96 possible recipes to meet all these needs that can be customised and guaranteed to last up to 200 cups a day.


Thanks to the preheated metal brewing unit, you can achieve outstanding results, even for single-origin and specialty coffee, with a guarantee of consistent extraction over time.

High-capacity boiler to guarantee high performances for hot water and steam. Power station configuration, with two machines and a cooling unit, to respond to moments of peak use.

Ideal location

Ideal for office social spaces, for bakeries, for hotel breakfast and all other self-service environments – the S20 is an intelligent fully automatic machine with a remote function for simple and intuitive planning and a flexible menu choice based on milk, coffee and chocolate beverages, with powder or fresh milk solution.


An intelligent and smart machine featuring bidirectional telemetry, a CUP4YOU app option and a remote-control function.

Cold Touch

This device (patent pending), designed to be used with TURBOSTEAM, enables users to pre-set four milk recipes, with or without frothing. Both temperature and frothing level (quantity of foam) can be selected for every recipe. The wand is coated with a silicon-based material to prevent any manual contact with the hot parts of the device.

Steel wand covered by silicon-based material featuring techno-polymer bulb for added safety, as it prevents contact with hot parts by the user and facilitates removal of milk residues.


Smart Boiler

This patented innovation makes it possible to manage the accumulation of energy conserved in the boiler to enable a constant maximum steam and water supply even when machine is undergoing intensive use. This technology means that the barista will never be in a situation where there is an insufficient steam flow to make the required drinks. 


This innovative system, which was integrated in the traditional M100ì machine, allows you to froth hot and cold milk and to dispense it directly, simply and quickly into a cup, as well as into a jug, so you can offer a large drinks menu.

The new milk system, available in the S range super-automatic machines, offers numerous advantages including very high cream quality, regulation of the desired temperature and an automatic dosage option (MilkPS System). The same system, in the S30 and in the S60, can dispense cold-frothed milk with substantial, tasty cream. It also includes a washing system that is activated after the milk is dispensed, guaranteeing hygiene and long-term performance.

  1. Constant quality
  2. No wasted milk
  3. Reduced serving times
  4. Single or multiple dispensing
  5. Totally automatic
  6. Can create layered drink
  7. Automatic washing system (patent pending)


This technology enables data communication and remote monitoring of all the machine's functions and performance via a Wi-Fi link. 

The data, which are sent by the machine to a web platform, can be used for statistical consumption analysis of, for example, the number of drinks dispensed, both in total and per selection. The technology also means that the machine can be monitored constantly, as it provides a real-time snapshot of all the machine’s parts and communicates any errors or malfunctions directly to the technician.

The great innovation in telemetry in the S range is the BI-DIRECTIONALITY of data communication. This feature enables machine data communication to the web platform and allows operators to access the machine itself remotely via the web, to modify, for example, machine settings or dispensing parameters. Enables all machine parameters to be set remotely. It allows technicians to modify the drink dispensing parameters remotely, without needing to be physically present on the spot.

Mobile App

CUP4YOU is an innovative application developed by Gruppo Cimbali that offers a new and unique interaction with the S Range machines. You can download the application on the App Store and Google Play.

A new, simple and intuitive way to manage orders to the machine: order creation, drinks association, sending orders to the machine via Wi-Fi, confirmation of order preparation, and you're all done. That's organization!

When it comes to coffee and cappuccino, Cup4You is a recipe in your pocket. This application allows you to customize your favourite beverage, both at a bar and in the office. With a simple touch, you can choose your coffee to milk ratio, coffee intensity, milk emulsion and much more. All you have to do is create your own recipe, save it on your smartphone or tablet and request it from the coffee machine as often as you want.

S Series Accessories

4L Fridge with Cup Warmer

8L Fridge Module

Cup Warmer Module

Milk Cooler Module



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