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About us

Aintnobarista was founded in London in 2020.

A passion for coffee

The business started with content creation to help promote the best independent coffee spots throughout the UK & Europe and later evolved into the supply of single origin coffee to our community.

We wanted to supply sustainably sourced, single origin coffee which could be used at home by our customers.

Today Aintnobarista is a supplier of high quality, sustainably sourced, single origin coffee to both wholesale and individual customers.

Our coffee is distributed nationally throughout the United Kingdom.

We're here to serve customers with a special interest in high quality, sustainably sourced, single origin coffee.

Specifically customers that brew their own coffee from home.

Our aim is to demystify the often complicated process of making coffee home.

Our goal is to make the process far simpler, and encourage as many people as possible to brew their own coffee from home.

We offer a range of single origin sustainably sourced coffee through our website.

This can be purchased either as whole bean or pre ground depending on the customer's preference. 

All our orders are delivered nationally throughout the United Kingdom within 48 hours of a customer placing an order.

Our mission is to educate our customers on the feasibility of being able to make great coffee from the comfort of their own home.

Without the requirement of overly expensive equipment or training.

You can find more information regarding all of the above on our website and social channels.

James Battershill