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Synesso MVP Hydra Espresso Machine

by Synesso
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Introducing the Synesso MVP Hydra, the pinnacle of espresso machine innovation tailored to meet the demanding needs of high-volume cafes, bustling bars, and passionate coffee professionals. Engineered with Synesso's revolutionary MVP technology, the MVP Hydra empowers baristas with unparalleled control, precision, and consistency in crafting the perfect espresso shot, every time.

With its cutting-edge MVP technology, the MVP Hydra offers a seamless transition between Manual Mode, Manual Program Mode, and Volumetric Mode at the group level, allowing baristas to effortlessly dial in their espresso recipes and save them within seconds. Say goodbye to the dilemma of choosing between control and repeatability – with the MVP Hydra, you can have both.

Designed for maximum efficiency and reliability, the MVP Hydra streamlines operations in busy coffee environments, ensuring swift service without compromising on quality. Whether you're running a high-volume café or a specialty coffee shop, the MVP Hydra's versatility and performance make it the ultimate choice for professionals seeking long-term value and unparalleled consistency in their espresso offerings.

Experience the future of espresso craftsmanship with the Synesso MVP Hydra – where innovation meets reliability, and every shot is a masterpiece.


  • Programmable Brew Positions: Save up to 6 available program positions per group, enabling customization of brewing options according to preference.

  • Brew Mode Display: Larger display indicating the current brew mode for easy monitoring and operation.

  • Enhanced Flow Precision: Equipped with 4 magnet flow meters for improved water flow precision compared to previous volumetric machines, ensuring consistent quality in every shot.

  • Customizable Water Output: Advanced software allows users to adjust water output to meet specific requirements, adding or subtracting water as needed.

  • Interchangeable Brew Functions: Offers three interchangeable brew functions - M, MP, and VP - catering to different brewing preferences and techniques.

  • Standard Shot Timers: Includes standard shot timers with program markers and a brew graph for precise monitoring and control of extraction times.

  • User-Friendly Design: Features cool-touch steam wands and low-profile brew handles for comfortable and safe operation.

  • Individual Brew Boilers: Each group is equipped with individual brew boilers, allowing programmable temperature control per group for consistent results.

  • Programmable Preinfusion: Customize preinfusion settings per group to achieve desired flavor profiles and extraction characteristics.

  • Piezo Hot Water Button: Convenient piezo hot water button for easy access to hot water for tea or other hot beverages.

  • Adjustable Total Water Count: Ability to adjust the total water count, providing flexibility in beverage customization.

  • Easy Maintenance: Group tops with no wear parts and a separate lower side panel for easy access, along with removable heat exchangers for simplified maintenance.

  • Power Saving Mode: Includes a power-saving mode for energy efficiency when the machine is not in active use.


Technical Specifications

Groups Electrical Steam Brew
Voltage Phase Amps Max Draw Cord Plug Rating (UL) Watts per Element Total Wattage Tank Capacity (Liters) Watts per Element Total Wattage Tank Capacity (Liters)
2 Groups 220 Single Phase 28 30 30 Not specified Not specified Not specified 700 1400 1.9 x 2
Not specified Not specified Not specified
3 Groups 220 Single Phase 36 50 50 2500 x 2 5000 12.3 700 2100 1.9 x 3
Not specified Not specified Not specified
Why is Synesso becoming the world's most popular espresso brand?

Why is Synesso becoming the world's most popular espresso brand?

  • Dual Boiler System: Simultaneous brewing and steaming for consistent temperature control.
  • Pressure Profiling: Manual pressure adjustment for customized flavor extraction.
  • Preheat Coil: Stable brewing temperatures for consistent results.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Durable and corrosion-resistant materials.
  • PID Temperature Control: Precise and stable brew temperatures for consistent quality.
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S200 Espresso Machine

Meet the Synesso S200: espresso perfection redefined. Advanced programming, innovative features, and safety-focused design ensure excellence in every cup. Ideal for busy cafes and trendy spots, it's the ultimate choice for espresso aficionados.

  • Advanced Volumetric Programming: Customize every aspect of your coffee with precision.
  • Innovative Technology: Group heads with no wear parts and individual brew boilers.
  • Digital Shot Timers: Ensure consistency with programmable temperature settings per group head.
  • Safety-Focused Design: Cool-touch steam wands prioritize safety without compromising performance.
  • Professional-Grade Reliability: Meticulously engineered for unparalleled durability and user-friendliness.
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  • Advanced Volumetric Programming: Customize each cup with precision using user-defined programming.
  • Revolutionary Innovations: Wear-free group heads and individual brew boilers ensure consistent quality in every extraction.
  • Digital Shot Timers: Monitor and control extraction times with ease for perfect results every time.
  • Customizable Temperature Settings: Tailor espresso to exact preferences with programmable temperature settings per group head.
  • Safety-Focused Design: Cool-touch steam wands prioritize safety without compromising performance, ideal for busy environments.
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Live Chat is open 8am-8pm

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MVP Hydra Espresso Machine

MVP Hydra Espresso Machine

Introducing the Synesso MVP Hydra Perfect for high-volume cafes and coffee pros. Powered by Synesso's MVP tech for precise shots every time. Seamlessly switch between modes for ultimate control. Experience espresso excellence with the Synesso MVP Hydra.

  • MVP Technology: Empowers baristas with unparalleled control and precision in crafting espresso shots.
  • Seamless Mode Transition: Effortlessly switch between Manual, Manual Program, and Volumetric modes at the group level.
  • Customizable Espresso Recipes: Save and adjust espresso recipes within seconds for consistency in every shot.
  • Efficiency and Reliability: Streamlines operations in high-volume environments without compromising on quality.
  • Versatile Performance: Ideal for both high-volume cafes and specialty coffee shops, ensuring long-term value and unmatched consistency.
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MVP  Espresso Machine

MVP Espresso Machine

Introducing Synesso's MVP technology: revolutionizing espresso with instant recipe saving and seamless mode switching. Achieve consistency effortlessly with ultimate control. Ideal for high-volume establishments and specialty cafes. Experience the future of espresso with Synesso MVP.

  • Programmable Brew Positions: Save 6 program positions per group, displayed on a large, clear screen.
  • Enhanced Water Flow Precision: 4 magnet flow meters ensure precise water flow, adjustable via advanced software.
  • Interchangeable Brew Functions: Choose Manual, Manual Program, or Volumetric modes.
  • Integrated Shot Timers: Standard shot timers with brew graph markers for monitoring.
  • Cool Touch Steam Wands: Comfortable and safe steaming with cool-touch wands and low-profile handles.
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Synesso, founded in the early 2000s, transformed espresso machines with their groundbreaking Cyncra model in 2004. Innovative features like individual brew boilers and PID temperature control set new standards for consistency. Their Hydra and MVP series continued this legacy, establishing Synesso as a top choice for cafes worldwide.