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Rancilio Classe 11 Espresso Machine


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Single-boiler espresso machine available in 2, 3 or 4 raised groups (TALL) with automatic dosing (USB) and Steady Brew technology (SB).

The Rancilio Classe 11 USB Xcelsius is a professional-grade espresso machine designed to elevate your coffee experience. Packed with features like Xcelsius Temperature Profiling, this machine allows you to fine-tune water temperature for perfect extractions, highlighting the unique characteristics of any coffee bean.

Each group head boasts its own independent boiler, ensuring temperature stability and consistent brewing. The automatic dosing system (USB) streamlines your workflow, while the cool-touch steam wands and programmable hot water dispenser empower you to craft lattes, cappuccinos, and teas with ease.

With its user-friendly design and high-performance features, the Rancilio Classe 11 USB Xcelsius is ideal for cafes and serious coffee enthusiasts alike.


  • 800 mm / 31.50 inch
  • 540 mm / 21.26 inch
  • 600 mm / 23.62 inch
  • 85 kg / 187.39 lb
  • Yes
  • 145 mm / 5.7 inch
Interface and operations
  • Grouphead display
  • 5.7''
Brewing technology
  • Steady Brew (SB)Rancilio Steady Brew (SB) technology is the evolution of the traditional thermosiphon system and introduces a set of innovative features designed to improve the performance of all single-boiler espresso machines. By keeping the water temperature stable during extraction, Steady Brew guarantees excellent thermal stability, reliability and maximum repeatability, both during busy periods and in low usage conditions. Rancilio Patented Technology.
  • T-Switch. Thanks to the 4-position T-Switch knob, a different extraction temperature can be set for each group, even for single boiler coffee machines. With the boiler adjusted to 1.0 bar, a temperature of approx. 88°C, 93°C, 96°C or 98°C can be set on each group and the right extraction temperature for each type of coffee is always available. The T-Switch can only be adjusted by specialised technicians during installation by removing the cup warmer.
  • Brass
  • Hot water wand
  • X-TeaBaristas can programme water dosages and temperature levels via the interface.
  • C-lever. The C-lever steam valve is operated by rotating the knob just 25°. Turning it upwards, the valve stays open. Turning it downwards, the valve opens and automatically closes when released.
  • Cool touch steam wand. The cool touch steam wand is thermally insulated with a double-layered protective coating.
  • iSteam. The iSteam automatic steam wand features two buttons, both of which can be programmed with the following functions: “Cappuccino”, to heat and froth milk, or “Latte”, to heat only.
    • 220-240 V~/380-415 V3N~, 50-60 Hz 4950-6650 W
    • Fixed water connection
    Hydraulic circuit
    • 11 liter


    • Ergonomic Portafilter: The chrome-plated brass portafilter, with an ergonomic handle designed to balance the weight, holds coffee filters up to a capacity of 21g, ensures stability when pressing, and eases wrist movements for the barista. The portafilter handles may be personalized.
    • LED lights: White LED lights positioned under the group heads provide excellent illumination for the work area.
    • RGB lights: The aesthetic RGB lights can be customised with different intensities and colours (Classe 20 only). The functional RGB lights on the group covers (Classe 11, Classe 7 USB) and above the control panel (Classe 9) help the operator to monitor the various states of the machine at a glance.
    • Tall: This version has a taller working area and can accommodate cups up to 14.5 cm in height. It also features an extractable rise plate for traditional espresso cups.
    Energy Saving Technology
    • ABM: ABM is a specific software developed to improve the performance of the machine in conditions of intensive use. When simultaneously brewing espresso, dispensing water and steaming milk, ABM switches on the heating element to pre-empt any drops in pressure under the preset value, thus preventing drops in temperature to ensure constant heating levels.
    • Control of the boiler pressure is optimised in the case of the intensive and simultaneous use of multiple group heads. In these cases, in order to prevent the pressure from dropping below a minimum value of 0.5 bar, ABM can stop water from being dispensed until the boiler pressure returns to a suitable level.
    • ABM also allows for control of the machine’s power consumption, reducing it to 2/3 of the normal value where power availability is low.
    • For espresso machines equipped with the iSteam wand, ABM also improves steam delivery performance by increasing the power of the heating element in the boiler, allowing it to produce more heat and reduce drops in pressure during milk frothing.
    • Auto ON-OFF: It is possible to set the automatic on and off times for the machine (Classe 11, Classe 20) or set the automatic on time and the power-on hours (Classe 9, Classe 7) for each day of the week.
    • Eco Mode: By managing the different water levels in the boiler, the water-to-steam ratio can be optimised to achieve maximum energy savings. In low usage conditions, the quantity of water in the boiler is reduced, thus increasing the proportion of steam. Working with less water in the boiler allows for lower energy consumption in order to bring it to the ideal temperature. And, at the same time, with more steam and less moisture in the boiler, the performance of the steam wands also improves.
    Cleaning & maintenance
    • Easy clean: Easy Clean manages the cleaning process of the group heads, so it can perform it all automatically. The barista need only start the cycle, and the machine will automatically carry out the washing and rinsing operations. For all models (except the Classe 5 units), Easy Clean also allows you to schedule a daily alarm (3 alarms for the Classe 11) to warn the user of the need for a cleaning cycle, set an optional block on the machine in the event of a cleaning cycle, and view the history of all cleaning cycles performed.
    • Grid System
    • Hydro Hub
    • Snap&ShareSnap: &Share is a QR code reader app that allows users to share the technical settings of their espresso machine, keep track of maintenance operations, monitor consumption, and register new products to activate the warranty.
    • USB
    Additional Optionals
    • Connect: Connect is a powerful IoT solution developed by Rancilio Group, to gather and easy analyze all the value relevant data generated by a single coffee machine or an entire fleet. Via a customizable dashboard with widgets, tables and graphs, Connect gives you a ready to use digital toolkit, to monitor key performance parameters in real time and empower your whole coffee business.
    • Cup Warmer: The cup warmer keeps all espresso and cappuccino cups at the right temperature at all times.
    • Pods&Caps: Thanks to the Pods&Caps kit, all Rancilio espresso machines can be used with coffee pods and capsules (according to available systems).

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