I ain’t no barista but I love coffee.

Who knows how often people think about how awesome it would be to make their own great coffee, but feel they have to require some kind of super power to do so. 

During the pandemic, when visiting my local coffee spot was no longer viable, and as you all know working from home became a thing.

Like everyone else, I had to find a way to still get my fix.. So I bought an aeropress and began brewing my own coffee at home.

That’s when I quickly realised anyone, with absolutely no experience like me.

Can make truly great coffee from home.

If you have access to a kettle, you’re already halfway there.

It doesn’t need to be complicated.

You just need hot water, a grinder and some good beans, that’s it!

I’m determined to help show everyone that making your own coffee at home isn’t as daunting as it looks.

So if you’re interested in getting started with brewing your own coffee at home, you can grab a bag of the coffee I drink everyday here.

Prior to becoming hooked on brewing coffee at home, I spent years out and about supporting local speciality coffeeshops that have had a huge influence on my passion for coffee.

Meeting amazing people, hearing their stories and getting tips on brewing methods no matter which country I was in. 

This is something I will forever continue to do, so don’t forget to follow my socials to gain an insight on some of the best local coffeeshops I’ve been to around the world ?? 

James Battershill